Affiliated Companies

Safe Harbor Strategic Solutions Group, Inc. (SHSSG, Inc.) is the parent company of The Alternative Board (TAB) – NJ Shore. The Alternative Board is an exclusive, membership-based organization that helps business owners achieve greater profitability, productivity and personal fulfillment. This is accomplished through a combination of peer-to-peer insight and private coaching with TAB certified facilitators. TAB brings business owners from diverse industries together in a setting very similar to a Board of Directors to share their insights. In this environment, they can collectively work to solve the challenges they face in their respective businesses, as well as explore opportunities to grow their businesses.

In the TAB Board setting, business owners often identify key initiatives for which they may not have the internal expertise to implement. SHSSG, Inc. has the expertise to assist business owners with the implementation of these initiatives and, accordingly, supports many TAB–NJ Shore clients in this regard.

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